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Lenovo & Asus Laptops: How Are the Experiences?

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Lenovo and Asus; two common brands of laptops that a lot of commoners use. The two brands provide a range of models, giving consumers the ability to have their needs met with their desires. However, how are the experiences in both brands, exactly? The followings are the analysis of the experience observed in Twitter, monitored from November 12, 2020 to December 7, 2020.

The Statistics: Lenovo

Lenovo engagement statistics

The numbers above show the statistics of the topic “Lenovo” and “Lenovo && Laptop” in Twitter. There are 1.350 impressions, indicating that there are a certain number of engagements (retweets, replies, likes) making up that 1.350 number. The topic is capable of reaching other 5.8 million Twitter accounts, and it is dominated by male speakers.

Lenovo sentiment graph

The graph above shows the sentiment trend of the same topic. It appears that the sentiment is nearly balanced, with only two sentiments gap between positive and negative sentiments. This might indicate that user experience of Lenovo laptop products are a mixed bag with 50% good experience, and 50% the opposite. How are these statistics compared to Asus’?

The Statistics: Asus

Asus engagement statistics

The numbers above show the engagement statistics of the topic using the keyword “Asus” and “Asus && Laptop”. It turns out that Asus is more popular than Lenovo, reaching almost the triple of Lenovo’s number of impressions. The brand name Asus is also capable of reaching 9 million more Twitter accounts out there. This might indicate that there are more Asus laptop users out there than Lenovo.

Asus sentiment graph

Sentiment wise, Asus is not so balanced like Lenovo. The name is dominated by positive sentiments, and there is a rather large gap between the numbers, beating the negative sentiments by 144 sentiments. This might indicate that the user experience of Asus laptop products is better if compared to Lenovo, since its positive sentiment is bigger than the negative one.

Lenovo User Experience: The Good

The tweets above are handpicked positive comments regarding the experience of using Lenovo laptop products in general. It appears that Lenovo excels in longevity and reliability, as well as endurance, in several cases. Many have used for years and the products are still performing well. The looks of the products even received a compliment for how pretty they look nowadays. However, as mentioned previously, the positive sentiment of the topic “Lenovo” is almost the same with the negative one.

Lenovo User Experience: The Bad

Judging from the tweets above, reliability may be a 50/50 case; either your laptop will have a good longevity or not. Some consumers also found their laptops to be flawed in their hinges. The same problem can be found on the webcam cameras, as they are not really that good in term of quality or, sometimes, does not function at all.

Asus User Experience: The Good

Asus seems to be competent as well in longevity, seeing that some customers’ laptops are mentioned to live a long life. The looks on the products are also complimented. Asus Vivobook seems to be many’s favourite since it is said to perform well, especially for relatively standard budget.

Asus User Experience: The Bad

Meanwhile, on the bad side, Asus seems to make unreliable, or at least, not very durable, keyboards, LCD’s and webcams. Some people find the chargers the same as well. These flaws are often found in the low range models, but not so much on the mid to high range models like Vivobook or RoG.

And that concludes the analysis regarding the user experience of both Asus and Lenovo laptops. It is a mixed bag, though the positive sentiment of Asus’ has a bigger portion than its negative, compared to Lenovo’s sentiments which are almost balanced to one another. Which one are you? A Lenovo or an Asus person?

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